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What Your Personality Says about Your Dating Life
Dr. Fisher joins the Today Show to discuss the four personality types, and talks about how personality plays an important role in falling in love.

Today Show
oct 17
Barack and Michelle Obama Show Affection, On and Off the Trail
With their hand holding, sidelong glances, lingering hugs, date nights and, of course, famous fist bumps, Barack and Michelle Obama have certainly made their fair share of public displays of affection. And they preach what they practice, too. Read article
oct 15
Will David Arquette's Overshare and New Woman Help or Hurt Him?
First came the bombshell that he and Courteney Cox were separating after 11 years of marriage. Then the news dropped that he had already begun a new relationship with cocktail waitress/aspiring actress Jasmine Waltz. Read article
oct 14
Listen Up BFFs: Will Playing Hard To Get Keep A Man Loyal And Coming Back For More?
Playing hard to get is one of the oldest games in the book, but we couldn't help but wonder if it's really a great idea or if you're just playing with fire? Read article
oct 8
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: Doomed by the Age Gap?
Dr. Fisher tells ABC just how powerful love is, and how love knows no age. Read article
sep 24
The Hidden Perks of Dating a Younger Man
Are Demi Moore and Katie Couric on to something? Dr. Fisher explains some of the benefits to dating a younger man. Read article
sep 2
The Huckabee Show
Dr. Fisher visits with Mike Huckabee to talk about the four personality types her work with! Read article
aug 13
When Love Meets Biology
Dr. Fisher helps us decode what your personality type really means, and how it plays a role in helping you find love. Read article
Chemistry Celebrates at Gay Ski Week in Telluride
Chemistry and Dr. Helen Fisher spread the love in Telluride at Gay Ski Week where we had a full week of events, parties and skiing. Check out the photos from the week-long event below.

Telluride Gay Ski Week
feb 26
On Valentine's Day, love has all to do with a little science and biology
Chemistry is the name of the game in love. Dr. Helen Fisher discusses her relationship theories developed from her work on Read article

Penn Live
feb 14
Finding love on all the right websites
Submit to peer pressure – start online dating! In a recent article about the rising popularity of internet dating, Dr. Fisher explains the hunt for Mr. and Mrs. Right has changed. Read article

Hamilton Spectator
feb 13
Is it possible to be a cheapskate on Valentine's Day (and live)?
What do we really want for Valentine’s Day?’s Valentine’s Day survey results are mentioned in a recent article. Read article

Christian Science Monitor
feb 12
You don't need wine to say 'be mine'
Know your date’s personality before buying a those chocolates. Dr. Helen Fisher, developer of’s questionnaire, gives much needed Valentine’s Day gift advice in a recent article. Read article

Lexington Herald-Leader
feb 11
My Race-Based Valentine.
New studies published regarding how people search on internet dating sites. is included in a recent article about race and online romance. Read article

feb 11
NPR – The Diane Rehm Show
Listen to Dr. Helen Fisher on the Diane Rehm show! Fisher and other guests discuss the online dating industry.

feb 10
Friends No. 1 way to meet that Valentine, but Web is growing
Congratulations to Matt and Jamila! The newly weds met on and are another example of the growing community of couples who met online. Read article

USA Today
feb 10
Better Loving Through Chemistry
Turns out, love is hard! Luckily there’s help. and Dr. Helen Fisher, biological, are included in a recent article describing the science behind online dating. Read article

New York Times
feb 6
National Survey Finds Valentine's Day Role Reversal
Read this now – it could flip your Valentine’s Day plans up-side-down. Read article

PR Newswire
feb 3