Dr. Helen Fisher can often tell, almost instantly, the hidden strengths and weaknesses in a relationship. The words you choose, your body language, even where you live reveal important clues to your personality and its effects on your partner and everyone else around you. After three decades of studying romantic relationships, Dr. Fisher has discovered that your dominant personality type subtly guides not only who you are but how and who you love.

Why Him? Why Her? provides a new way to understand romance, sex, courtship, and attachment, whether you're looking for love or eager to strengthen the partnership you have. Beginning with a scientifically developed questionnaire that will uncover your primary personality, Dr. Fisher tells you what sort of person is naturally most suited to you?as well as how to achieve genuine intimacy with him or her.

More than eight million people in forty countries are using Dr. Fisher's techniques to create exciting and enduring relationships - not only with a beloved, but also with colleagues, friends, and family. Provocative and illuminating, this groundbreaking book should be read by everyone wanting to be cherished for who they really are.