What is the Why Him? Why Her? microsite?

The Why Him? Why Her? microsite (the "Microsite") allows anyone who agrees to these terms of use (the "Microsite TOU") to take the personality test. Until now, only eligible users of the website and service could take the personality test. But now, in conjunction with the release of the book "Why Him Why Her", authored by chief scientific advisor and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, and Dr. Fisher have made the Chemistry personality test available to married or partnered users age 18 or above. Single users can always take the original test at

What rules apply to use of the Microsite and personality test?

Applicable provisions of the Terms of Use (" TOU") plus the terms you are reading now form the Microsite TOU.  The Microsite TOU include the Microsite in the defined term the "Website" from the Chemistry TOU. However, because the TOU govern use of the service -- which is designed for users who are single and seeking a serious relationship -- several important exceptions should be noted.  First, if you are married, you may still use the Microsite and take the personality test on the Microsite. Also, because you will not be using the service, the following sections of's Terms of Use will not apply to your use of the Microsite or taking the personality test on the Microsite:

  1. Section 7;
  2. Section 10;
  3. Section 12;
  4. Section 13;
  5. Section 17; and
  6. Section 21.

All other terms of the TOU, along with the terms you are reading now, form the Microsite TOU. You agree that if you visit the website or use the service, including by transferring the results of your Microsite personality test to, all terms of the TOU will apply to you.

How long will I able to use the microsite? plans to make the Microsite available until December 31, 2010, but may extend availability beyond that date or end availability of the Microsite at any earlier date it chooses. will maintain all information you submit related to the Microsite and the personality test in accordance with the Microsite TOU and the Privacy Policy. By using the Microsite and/or taking the personality test on the Microsite, you agree to be bound by the Microsite TOU and the Privacy Policy.