Sex and relationship counseling
Sex. Relationships. Advice.
They have a "love" section; aimed at boomers
MSN Dating and Personals
"Your ultimate source for better sex and intimacy at any age"
AOL Personals
AOL Personals: Articles & Advice
Site with expert advice for newly married couples
Love & sex section
Contains content for love advice
Resource on gay and lesbians covering relationships, parenting, and home life issues.
Relationship research on same sex couples, hetero marriage, and the impact of the addition of children to a marriage
Discussion of relationships with Christian slant
Gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide
News, Information, Advice, Resources and Social Networking for Gay Couples
Relationship Advice


Dr. Helen Fisher's Windows Live Spaces page
Blog about choice to be single; relationship/lifestyle choice
Dating Blog
Section on gay relationships
Gay male couple with a son
Relationship Blog: Advice from a Single Dating Expert
Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40


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