Discover how your personality affects your relationships.

Based on the scientific research of Dr. Helen Fisher, a world-renowned anthropologist and author,’s personality test determines which one of four personality types you are. Once your type is determined we can tell you what type of person you might have chemistry with.

1) I do things on the spur of the moment:

2) I often try new things:

3) I have more energy than most people:

4) I open gifts early that say "don't open until your birthday."

5) I experience déjà vu

6) I think it is more fun to do things with friends than with just my partner

7) I play the role of peacemaker between feuding friends or co-workers.

8) In general, I think it is important to follow the rules.

9) I am the first one to step up when family and friends need protection.

10) My friends and family say that I have traditional values.

11) I believe that the solution to most problems is somewhere between black and white.

12) I can find the right words rapidly.

13) When a waiter clears your table, I usually hand him/her the hard-to-reach items.

14) I vividly imagine dramatic things (wonderful and/or horrible) happening to me.

15) I can see many different ways to solve a particular problem.

16) I understand complex machines easily.

17) I think it is more important to do a good job than to make friends.

18) I make up my mind rapidly when making a difficult decision.

19) I wait for someone to prove themselves before I trust them.

20) I like to cut through the uncertainties to get to the point.


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