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New Matches

New Matches are members who have been identified as potential matches for you based on your preferences. We’ll send you free personalized matches with the potential to trigger chemistry. Each day, you can discover who they are and decide if you’d like learn more about them.

How we calculate Distance

Your distance preference is measured in a straight line on a map.

Also called “as the crow flies” or “in a bee line,” this distance is how far a potential match is from you. Because you may not be able to drive in a straight line, like if a lake or mountain is in the way, the actual distance you have to travel might be more than your preferred distance.

In order to receive additional New Matches, you must first move your matches to either Connections, Decide Later or to your “Not Really” list.

  • If you indicate that you are interested in a new match, Chemistry will move that match to Connections.
  • If you would like more time to decide on a match, you can select Decide Later and we will move that match into a “Decide Later” list.
  • If you are not interested, that member will be moved to your “Not Really” list and made inactive.

Refresh Matches

The refresh matches feature allows you to request up to 5 more matches, once every 24 hours, upon review and indication of your level of interest in all the profiles received. Refresh matches is a subscriber only feature.

Interested In You

Interested In You includes members who have reviewed your profile and indicated a high level of interest in getting to know you.

You should review their profile and let us know if you are interested in moving forward. Based on your level of interest, the profile will be either moved to your Connections where you can start to get to know them or moved to your “Not Really” list.

You’ve Been Noticed

You’ve been noticed includes members who are a match and have reviewed your profile. You should review their profile and let us know if you are interested in getting to know them.

You May Also Like

You may also like includes matches that we think have potential for you. You should review their profile and let us know if you are interested in getting to know them.


Connections includes those members you have said you’re interested in and are actively getting to know using Chemistry Starters or email.

At a glance, you are able to see your status with each match, whether you're waiting for a response to your questions or if it's your turn to respond.


“Nudge” allows you to send a reminder to matches that have not responded to your most recent communication. You can send one nudge per stage to a match. The feature is available with Interested in You and Chemistry Starters. It is a subscriber only feature.

To send a nudge, click the “Nudge” button. An email will be sent to your match reminding them that you are still interested in getting to know them and are waiting for a response. A nudge message will also appear next to your name on their Connections or Matches page.

The “Nudge” feature is available after 48 hours have passed without a response from your match.


Chemistry email is completely secure and exchanged through our site, not sent directly to your email address, so your personal information is protected. To see your new messages or send an email, click the inbox link at the top of the page or on your Connections page.

Chemistry Starters

  • Fortune Cookie
  • 5-Card Slot
  • Love It or Leave It
  • Relationship Essentials

Chemistry Starters are fun and unique activities designed to give you options in how you’d like to get to know your matches online. You can choose to complete one or multiple Chemistry Starters based on how comfortable you are with each of your matches.